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August is National Golf Month but each day there is a different thing to be celebrating. On the first day of the month you can celebrate the internet because it is World Wide Web Day.  Then on the 8th you can have a joyful day because it is Happiness Happens Day.  Two days later on the 10th is S’mores Day, so gather around the campfire.  After working hard that week take a day off and relax on National Relaxation Day which is the 15th. Be sure to save some room for dessert on the 18th, because its Cupcake Day.  You can also pig out on waffles on the 24th because it is National Waffle Day.  And to finish the month off on a sweet note, make toasted marshmallows on the 3oth for National Toasted Marshmallow Day!

toasted marshmallows

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The month of January is pretty cold in most states of the United States.  This causes it to be the National Bath Safety Month, National Blood Donor Month, National Braille Literacy Month, National Hobby Month, Hot Tea Month, National Oatmeal Month, National Soup Month. 

There is also special things for every day of the month including: 1 New Year’s Dayn, 2 Run up the Flagpole and See if Anyone Salutes Day, 3 Festival of Sleep Day, 3 Fruitcake Toss Day, Humiliation Day,4 Trivia Day, 5 National Bird Day, 6 Bean Day, 6 Cuddle Up Day,   7 Old Rock Day, 8 Bubble Bath Day, 8 Male Watcher’s Day, 9 Play God Day, 10 Peculiar People Day, 11 Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend’s Day, 12 Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day, 12 National Pharmacist Day, 13 International Skeptics Day, 13 Make Your Dream Come True Day, 14 Dress Up Your Pet Day, 15 National Hat Day, 16 National Nothing Day, 17 Ditch New Years Resolutions Day, 17 Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday  , celebrated on the third Monday, 18 Thesaurus Day, 18 Winnie the Pooh Day -The Birthday of Winnie’s author A.A. Milne, 19 National Popcorn Day, 20 National Buttercrunch Day, 20 Penguin Awareness Day, 21 National Hugging Day, 21 Squirrel Appreciation Day, 22 National Blonde Brownie Day, 23 National Pie Day, 23 National Handwriting Day, 23 Measure Your Feet Day- we only ask….”Why!?!”, 24 Beer Can Appreciation Day, 24 Compliment Day, 25 Opposite Day, 26 Spouse’s Day, 27 Chocolate Cake Day, 27 Punch the Clock Day, 28 Fun at Work Day, 28 National Kazoo Day, 29 National Puzzle Day, 29 National Cornchip Day, 30 National Inane Answering Message Day, 31 Backward Day, and 31 Inspire Your Heart with Art Dayfeet measure

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June is one of my favorite months because school ends, summer begins, and I turn a year older.   Besides father’s day, there isn’t many familiar and recognizable holidays.  Some of my favorite ones are Doughnut Day on the 1st, Egg Day on the 3rd, Yo-yo Day on the 6th, Ball-point Pen Day on the 10th, Weed Your Garden Day on the  13th, National fudge Day on the 16th, Ice Cream Soda Day on the 20th, National Pink Day on the 23rd, National Chocolate Pudding Day on the 26th, and Meteor Day on the 30th. Here are the Holidays for this upcoming next week:

March 14th – National Potato Chip Day

March 15th – Everything You Think Is Wrong Day

March 16th – Freedom of Information Day

March 17th – Submarine Day

March 18th – Johnny Appleseed Day

Here is a picture of a shirt that many people wear on June 23rd for National Pink Day!

national pink day

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Every month there are many holidays and days of celebration.  For example, in July, you would expect to celebrate Independence Day on July 4th.  But there is also holidays like Chocolate Day on the 7th, Gummi Worm Day on the 15th,  and National Hot Dog Day on the 16th.   Yes, all of these are real, they are just not well known.  People do celebrate these days along with many others.  On many days there are multiple holidays so if you don’t want to celebrate one you can choose to celebrate another one

Here are the holidays for next week that I bet you didn’t even know existed!

Friday February 11th – Pro  Sports Wives Day

Saturday February 12th – Paul Bunyan Day

Sunday February 13th – Get a Different Name Day

Monday February 14th – Ferris Wheel Day

Tuesday February 15th – National Gum Drop Day

Wednesday February 16th - Appreciate a Dragon Day

Thursday February 17th – Champion Crab Races Day

Ferris Wheel

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